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A Friendly Guide to Drug Discounts

Was there ever a time that you had to choose between filling a prescription drug and buying groceries? Or perhaps you have tried skipping medication because you found that it was too costly on your side? You aren’t alone. According to a survey, millions of Americans feel burdened by the increasing costs of prescription drugs, … Continue reading

Should I Take My Coffee Black or With Milk?

How do you take your coffee? Are you the type that enjoys a milky, frothy latte? Or do you prefer a rich and dark espresso? As it happens, milk is a healthy liquid that pharmacies in Grand Prairie, Texas recommend adults drink 2 servings (250ml/serving) every day. However, it can have an entirely different effect … Continue reading

What Vitamin E Can Do For You

Vitamin E is essential for stronger immunity and healthier skin/eyes. Recently, this vitamin supplement has become popular as an antioxidant — a substance that protects your cells from damage. However, the risks and benefits of taking Vitamin E supplements are still unclear. So why do people still drink Vitamin E supplements? Many people use vitamin … Continue reading

Severe Lead Poisoning in Children

Although national and local policies have reduced the prevalence of lead poisoning in the United States, severe cases still occur. Lead poisoning happens when lead builds up in the body, often over months or years. According to the leading pharmacies in Grand Prairie, Texas, even small amounts of lead can cause serious health problems. Children … Continue reading

Pharmacies Ready to Take on Diabetes Care

Independent pharmacies have never been in a better position to take on the role of chronic disease managers than in the current landscape by managing people with diabetes. Too many people with diabetes and not enough healthcare professionals to go around has resulted in less than half of diabetes patients achieving good glycemic control and … Continue reading