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Should I Take My Coffee Black or With Milk?

Should I Take My Coffee Black or With Milk?

How do you take your coffee? Are you the type that enjoys a milky, frothy latte? Or do you prefer a rich and dark espresso?

As it happens, milk is a healthy liquid that pharmacies in Grand Prairie, Texas recommend adults drink 2 servings (250ml/serving) every day. However, it can have an entirely different effect when taken together with coffee.

Studies suggest that taking your coffee with milk may slow down the time polyphenols — antioxidants necessary to prevent cell damage — take to travel to your bloodstream, but there has been no solid proof for this to be true.

Nevertheless, AcuScript Pharmacy would like to remind their customers of how fatty milk can be. While milk is good for you, whole milk is tremendously fattening and too much semi-skimmed milk can also lead to unwanted weight gain.

Local pharmacies in Texas advice those who want to lose weight that it is better to take their coffee black to lessen the risks of weight gain. A cup of plain black coffee is only 4.7 calories whereas adding milk and a sugar cube can increase your calorie intake to around 57 calories.

You may get your needed daily dose of dairy from independent pharmacies near you. Work on bettering your health!

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