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Pharmacies Ready to Take on Diabetes Care

Pharmacies Ready to Take on Diabetes Care

Independent pharmacies have never been in a better position to take on the role of chronic disease managers than in the current landscape by managing people with diabetes. Too many people with diabetes and not enough healthcare professionals to go around has resulted in less than half of diabetes patients achieving good glycemic control and the desired A1C goal of 7%.

Where there is a need there is an opportunity, local pharmacists are in an ideal position to fill the need of patients by becoming their “go-to” pharmacy in Grand Prairie, Texas for diabetes care.

Diabetes patients are likely to spend more money over time in a pharmacy than patients with nearly any other chronic disease. Estimates say a person with diabetes spends around $10,000 every 3-4 years on prescriptions, OTC items, and additional supplies to help manage their disease. Thus, becoming the “go-to” provider is financially beneficial for local pharmacies in Texas. This is also valuable for the patient, increasing pharmacists’ incentive to cultivate clinical care services.

What changes do we need to take?

One important change is to utilize staff members to the top of their license and abilities, which means delegating repetitive jobs. It also means getting the entire staff to buy into the idea that the pharmacy is going to become the “go-to” pharmacy for all things diabetes.

Another change is to gain the confidence and skills to effectively counsel patients through motivational interviewing, using such core concepts such as open-ended questions, empathy, and reflective listening.

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