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Prescribing Antibiotics: What Pharmacists Can Do

Prescribing Antibiotics: What Pharmacists Can Do

Pharmacists are generally allowed to suggest treatment for minor ailments that last for a short period. If you have minor ailments, such as allergic rhinitis, mild headache, or minor joint pain, then you don’t have to go to the doctor to get a prescription. You can visit your nearest pharmacy in Grand Prairie, Texas to get meds.

However, did you know that pharmacists can also prescribe antibiotics? Nowadays, you won’t be able to buy antibiotics without a prescription. And many people immediately assume that antibiotics prescription can only be written by doctors. So, how can a pharmacist from your local pharmacy in Texas prescribe you this medication?

They Meet the Conditions

There are conditions to be met before a pharmacist is given the prescriptive authority, which is generally known as the ability to prescribe antibiotics. The pharmacist needs to meet two of these three conditions:

  • They have earned the certification in any of these relevant areas of practice: ambulatory care, critical care, pharmacotherapy, or oncology pharmacy.
  • They have provided clinical services to patients for no less than one year under the supervision of a physician or a collaborative practice agreement.
  • They have completed no less than a one-year residency program upon completion of pharmacy school.
  • AcuScript Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy that can provide the meds you need to deal with minor ailments. Please visit us for your pharmaceutical needs.

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