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Outdoor Health Tip: Responsible Usage of Insect Repellents


The great outdoors is always more fun when you don’t have to worry about insect bites, especially from life-threatening diseases carried by mosquitoes. As such, our local pharmacy in Texas recommends buying insect repellents that will keep insects at bay and keep you healthy as you enjoy the outdoors.

So, what are the best insect repellents to use? Don’t just pick a random spray or topical treatment from your local retail pharmacy. The CDC recommends carefully reading the bottle to ensure that you get the most efficacy as much as possible.

It is best to choose repellents regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Most repellents contain pesticides, such as DEET; picaridin; IR3535; lemon eucalyptus oil; PMD; citronella oil; and catnip oil. It is imperative to use these products as safely and responsibly as possible.

In concentrations ranging from 5% to 100%, DEET is the most common active ingredient in insect repellents applied to the skin. However, choose repellents with DEET concentrations lower than 50%. If swallowed or applied on broken skin, DEET can be toxic.

Botanical products that repel insects are also available. Choose products that contain lemongrass, citronella, cedar, peppermint, geranium oil, soybean oil, and rosemary. These products don’t require EPA registration because they have been determined to pose minimal risk to human health.

But if you need more professional guidance when it comes to choosing the best insect repellent that suits your needs, you can always ask for a pharmacist consultation. We make it a point to help you achieve better health inside and outside your home.

AcuScript Pharmacy, your trusted pharmacy in Grand Prairie, Texas, is always here to provide high-quality products for wellness and health. To learn more, feel free to visit us today!

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