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Is Childhood Obesity Related to Physical Inactivity

Is Childhood Obesity Related to Physical Inactivity

Obesity rates have tripled during the past 25 years, turning it into a public health concern, especially for youths in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, 26 percent of children and teens aged 2 to 17 are either overweight or severely obese.

Research conducted by multiple independent pharmacy shows that physical inactivity conversely related to increased chances of developing obesity. Therefore, increasing physical activity should decrease its symptoms, right?

A number of studies have been conducted to address this issue but none have succeeded in showing any remarkable effects of physical activity mediations on any of the participants’ BMIs.

Regardless of these disparities, the favorable role of physical activity plays in delaying and preventing metabolic problems like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension is well acknowledged. Constant exercise has also been linked to improving bone density, improve academic performance, and positively affect mental health.

In 2002, the Canadian Paediatrics Society (CPS) released a statement providing a number of recommendations on healthy living for children and teens.

Pharmaceutical experts at AcuScript Pharmacy, a skilled and reliable local pharmacy in Texas, encourage our clients who have children and adolescents to increase the time they spend on physical activities.

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