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Improve that 15-Minute Wait at the Pharmacy

Improve that 15-Minute Wait at the Pharmacy

If you are reading this, the odds are you have tried waiting in line for your medication to be filled at your local pharmacy in Texas and to be completely honest that is not any patient’s favorite task to do. Patients experiencing certain conditions might find it unproductive and discouraging to hang out at the pharmacy for a much longer time than they need.

Improve that 15-minute or so wait at the pharmacy by engaging your patients in meaningful and information-driven conversations e.g. their medication, the proper dosages, etc.

A pharmacy in Grand Prairie, Texas will find that this is an effective solution to customer dissatisfaction.

What steps can you take to engage patients in conversation?

AcuScript Pharmacy offers several ideas:

  • Educate
    Tell your patients about new medications, about its side-effects, and its possible drug interactions. Many patients experience unnecessary conditions because of misinformation and this is one way independent pharmacies can prevent these from happening.
  • Digital health tools
    Consider putting up trial/test stations for patients to tinker with and try while waiting for their prescriptions. This could include wearables for health and fitness, or new associated devices coming to market (e.g., Bluetooth BP monitors, glucose monitors, Alivecor) which would be beneficial for pharmacies embracing digital health tools to sell.
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